Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 2009 Show

An interview on sociological analysis of the recent events in Iran with Professor Mahmoud Sadri, Texas Woman's University, and Professor Hossein Farahani, Portland States University, and Professor Ahmad Sadri, Lake Forest College, Chicago.

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Mahmoud Sadri is a professor of sociology at the Federation of North Texas Area Universities that includes Texas Woman's University, University of North Texas , and A&M University , Commerce. His major interests include Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Culture, and Theoretical Sociology.

Dr. Sadri regularly contributes to popular journals and newspapers in his native country, Iran, and grants interviews to radio and television programs such as BBC, Radio France, Voice of America, and Radio Australia. Also, he writes op. ed pieces for Daily StarDaily Telegraph, Newsweek, and Time have carried interviews, profiles, and quotations from him in the recent years., The Guardian, UK . The New York Times, Fort Worth

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Professor Sam Hosein Farahani is an International studies visiting scholar at Middle East Studies Center at Portland State University.

Ahmad Sadri is Professor of Sociology and James P. Gorter Chair of Islamic World Studies at Lake Forest College. He received his BA and MA degrees at the University of Tehran and his PhD from the New School for Social Research. Sadri is the author of Max Weber’s Sociology of Intellectuals (Oxford University Press 1992, 94) and editor and translator (from Persian) of Reason Freedom and Democracy in Islam (Oxford University Press, 2000) and (from Arabic) Saddam City (Saqi Press, 2002.) Sadri has authored three books in Persian published by Kavir, and Hermes Press, Tehran. He has also functioned as a columnist for Daily Star of Lebanon and a commentator at National Public Radio in Chicago.

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