Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 2006 Show

Ervand Abrahamian
US and Iran Relations - Ups and Downs,
an interview with Professor Ervand Abrahamian

Thursday June 8th, 2006 at 6 PM

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Ervand Abrahamian is a CUNY Distinguished Professor in the department of history, Baruch College and the Graduate Center in the City University of New York. He has written a number of books on modern Iran, including Iran Between Two Revolutions, The Iranian Mojahedin, Khomeinism, Tortured Confessions and most recently Inventing the Axis of Evil: The Truth About North Korea, Iran and Syria, coauthored with Bruce Cumings and Moshe Mo'az. He said today: "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent statement about America's willingness to talk to Iran has another more important modification in US position, that the US is willing to accept Iran's civil nuclear program. This is different from the earlier US position that Iran could not be trusted with any nuclear program. Iran may take the opportunity to explore this modification."