Wednesday, December 01, 2004

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US Foreign Policy towards Iran and the Nuclear Aspirations of the Islamic Republic.
Recording of an International seminar on this issue organized by the Unity for a Democratic and Secular Republic in Iran ( Speakers: Gary Sick, Farideh Farhi, Mohsen Sazegara, Mehdi Askaryeh, Ramin Safizadeh

Presidential Candidates and the Middle East
An interview with Prof. Akbar Mahdi, Weslyan University, OH. On different approaches and similarities between two candidates.

Abu Ghraib Abuses
An interview with Mr. Sharif Aquil the litigating attorney for victims of Abu Ghraib prison abuses.

Iraq, Kurds, and Israel
An interview with Professor Robert Olson about situation of Kurds in Iraq after establishment of the interim government and his comments on reports of Israeli involvement in Northern Iraq.

Denis Kucinich at Middle East Forum
Congressman and presidential candidate Denis Kucinich attended a forum at PSU titled Middle East beyond Baghdad. And also an interview with students for Islamic Studies group.

OPEC and price of oil
An interview with Hossein Kamali a retired director of UN Human development program and former Iranian delegation member to OPEC.

Iranian Jews
An interview with Homa Sarshar the founder of the Iranian Jewish Oral History Project.

US & Saudi Arabian Relations
Joint Forum: Portland State University and King Saud University Summary: Interviews with Dr. Saleh Al-Amai and Dr. Hend Khuthaila of King Saud University, Saudi Arabia and Dr. Jon Mandaville of Portland State University on the US-Saudi relations. The political structure and reforms in Saudi Arabia and situation of women is discussed.

Homosexuality in Iranian Society
A Feminista Factor production about the first conference of Hooman about homosexuality in Iranian society. Parandeh Kia one of the members of Hooman is featured

The Crescent
Interview with Diana Abujaber the writer of The Crescent. Diana is an associate professor at University of Miami. Her books Arabian Jazz and The Crescent have won a significant attention by literary critics as well as the Media. (12/11/03)

Modern Iran; Politics and Women Rights
Interview with Dr. Nikki Keddie, Professor of History UCLA. Professor Keddie is talking about current events in Iran and her new book "Modern Iran: Roots and Results of Revolution". (11/13/03)

Democracy and Women Movements in the Middle East
An interview with Dr. Nawal Saadavi Egyptian feminist, novelist and visiting professor at University of Main. (10/09/03)

Two Years and Two Wars after the 9-11
An interview with Dr. Juan Cole professor of Middle East History at University of Massachusetts (9/11/03).

IBDAA Palestinian dance troop
This is a short interview with teen age dancers from Ibdaa, the Palestinian dance group on their tour of US in Portland, OR. They talked about their refugee camp D'Hesha and their ambitions for peace. A voice that should be supported but was ignored by main stream media. (7/15/03)

Is Tehran the next stop?
Dr. William Beeman, Director of Middle East Studies, Brown University (6/12/03)

CIA coup of 1953 in Iran against Dr. Mossadegh
Dr. Mark Gasiorowski, Louisiana State University (5/8/03)

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