Monday, August 13, 2007

August 2007 Show

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Turkey a challenge between Ataturk Secularists and Reformed Islamists, in the aftermath of the elections and victory of Prime Minister Ordugan's party, what is next?

An Interview with Robert Olson, University of Kentucky, and John Olmsted, Portland State University.

Thursday August 9, 2007.
6:00 PM
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John Olmsted MA, Med. is an adjunct instructor in psychology at Portland State University in Portland Oregon where he teaches a course in paranormal psychology. He is mental health therapist specializing in issues of learning, attention and the brain. John has just returned from Turkey after couplmonth of leading an educational tour from Portland Community College.

Dr. Robert Olson, University of Kentucky, Professor of Middle East History and Politics. He received his Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1973 where he studied with Professor Wadie Jwaideh and specialized in the history of the Ottoman Empire and contemporary politics of the Middle East. Professor Olson is the author of some 70 research articles, 80 essays and reference works and 180 book reviews. Fulbright Senior Professor Research Middle East Civilization Program Fellowship (1990-91); University Research Professor, (1995-96); The Albert D. and Elizabeth H. Kirwan Memorial University Professor (1999-2000); Best Book Award Third World Studies Association, 1999-2000; Distinguished Professor of the College of Arts and Sciences (2000-01); member of the Strategic Assessment Group of the Central Intelligence Agency's Future Panel on Turkey and the Kurdish Question (2000-03).

For an analogy of Turkey's role in the region with regards to Kurdish question see here!